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How do you shop for the best airfare deal on the Internet? Do you go straight to the airline’s web site to book a reservation? Do you use third party brokers, such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity? I’d like to share with my Linkedin connections, especially my Ireland Reunions future customers, some advice on shopping for the best airfare deals, based on many years of personal experience travelling to Ireland on various airlines.

You may have seen a lot of airfare shopping strategies, tips and advice from a variety of travel agents and experts in your travel research. There are two strategies or tips that stand out. First, I’ve heard that airlines typically offer their best spring/summer travel deals at the start of the year, in January, to achieve their total annual sales volume numbers early in the year. Therefore, it may be smart to shop around and book your air travel in January for May through September travel. Second, I’ve also heard that the best day of the week to book air travel is Sunday for the best deals. From these two tips, it follows that travellers may find the best airfare deals by going online and booking their ticket(s) on a Sunday in January.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that you do not necessarily find your best deal on the third party broker sites. In fact, on my past six trips to Ireland, the airfares on the third party sites were $100 – $200 greater than the airfares booked directly on the airline’s site for the same itinerary. However, it still pays to shop around. I recommend taking the time to shop around, using the third party sites and the airline sites to find your best deal. Additionally, you should know that a web site deposits “cookies” on your computer when you visit that web site to tag and identify you on your return visits to the site. Third party travel broker sites and airline sites are no exception. When airfare shopping online, it is very wise and prudent to delete all cookies from your computer before each airfare price search or airline reservation transaction. Deleting cookies each time makes you a new customer visiting the site with a potential for the best deal, and not a return customer who is presented with higher airfares since you visited the site once or twice already. You can delete cookies from your computer in your Internet browser’s Preferences menu. I invite you to share your strategies and success stories shopping for the best airfare deals. Let me know if any of the strategies in this article worked for you.

Aer Lingus, Delta, United, and US Airways all fly direct to Ireland’s Shannon Airport from various USA cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, New York, and Boston. Most of the mentioned airlines also fly direct to Dublin from those cities. Additionally, Aer Lingus and United fly direct to Dublin from Washington, D.C. Visit to learn more about U. S. Service Academy and college alumni class “mini-reunion” tour opportunities in Ireland and contact  with any questions.

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