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The Irish Family Surname ~ Fitzgerald

FITZGERALD Fitzgerald is a Norman name, made up of fi(t)z, Norman French for “son of”, and Gerald, a personal name of Germanic origin from geri, “spear” and wald, “rule”. The family trace their origin to Walter FitzOther, keeper of Windsor forest in the late eleventh century, whose son Gerald wasRead More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ Byrne

BYRNE Byrne or O’Byrne, together with its variants Beirne and Byrnes, is one of the ten most frequent surnames in Ireland today. In the original Irish the name is Ó Broin, from the personal name Bran, meaning “raven”. It is traced back to Bran, son of Molmórda, a King ofRead More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ O’Neill

O’NEILL O’Neill is in Irish Ó Néill, from the personal name Niall, possibly meaning “passionate” or “vehement”. A clear distinction needs to be kept in mind between the family bearing this surname and the Uí Neill, the powerful tribal grouping claiming descent from Niall of the Nine Hostages, the fifthRead More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ O’Connor

O’CONNOR O’Connor, with its variants Connor, Conner, Connors etc., comes from the Irish Conchobhair, from the personal name Conchobhar, perhaps meaning “lover of hounds” or “wolf-lover”. This was one of the most favoured of early Irish names, and gave rise to the surname in at least five distinct areas, inRead More…

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