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The Irish Family Surname ~ O’Sullivan

O’SULLIVAN The original Irish is Ó Suileabháin, deriving from súil (eye). The dispute over the meaning of the remainder of the name is understandable, since the two principal alternatives are “one-eyed” or “hawk-eyed”. A further alternative, proposed by Diarmuid Ó Murchadha, gives their ancestor as Súildubán (“dark-eyed”), chief of aRead More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ O’Brien

O’BRIEN O’Brien is in Irish Ó Briain, from the personal name Brian. The meaning of this is problematic. It may come from bran, meaning “raven”, or, more likely, from Brion, a borrowing from the Celtic ancestor of Welsh which contains the element bre-, meaning “hill” or “high place”. By association,Read More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ Kelly

KELLY Kelly comes from the Irish Ó Ceallaigh, based on the popular personal name Ceallach, which may mean either “bright-haired” or “troublesome”. The popularity of the name meant that it was incorporated into permanent surnames in between seven and ten different places, including Co. Meath, north Wicklow, the Antrim/Derry area,Read More…

The Irish Family Surname ~ Murphy

MURPHY CORK Murphy is the anglicised version of two Irish surnames, Ó Murchadha (in modern Irish Ó Murchú) and Mac Murchadha, both derived from the popular early Irish personal name Murchadh, meaning “sea-warrior”. Mac Murchadha (“son of Murchadh) is exclusive to Ulster, where the family were part of the CenélRead More…

We’re Hiring! Be Paid While Vacationing in Ireland!

  We’re Hiring! Ireland RnR is looking for a responsible professional person to help develop and run some of our tours in Ireland. Would you know anyone who might like to be an Ireland RnR Tour Director and be paid while vacationing in Ireland?  The part-time sales and marketing contractRead More…

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